Paid Injunctions- Rich and Famous WHO USED THEIR WEALTH TO HIDE THEIR AFFAIRS- Who are they?

THE STARS WHO USED THEIR WEALTH TO HIDE THEIR AFFAIRSA large number of household names have secured injunctions to hide their affairs - often using their families and children as a reason to keep their extramarital sex secret.Here are the ones we still cannot name: The married celebrityKnown as PJS, or the 'olive oil bath threesome' celebrity, his case is about to decided by the Supreme Court – after lower courts initially refused him a privacy injunction because his cheating contradicted his public portrayal of married commitment. Elton John and husband who had the affair, David FurnishThe … [Read more...]

Who is the famous actor family man, who had sex with Wayne Rooney’s prostitute?

Here we go again tweeted Helen Woods the hooker who tried to out the famous actor who hired her for sex and whom she used a sex toy on the behind with. This is not a new story. It hit the airwaves in 2011, but now it looks like a US publication is going to print his name. I however cannot find the article anywhere.  So who is NEJ & BDZ? THE UK media remains gagged due to a High Court injunction but the married star's identity is set to be revealed in America today... so far a big fat nothing. Celebrity superinjunction: British star to be exposed after hiring hooker NEJ & BDZ … [Read more...]

Celebrity Famous Threesome Couple PJS and YMA Named

Three Court of Appeal judges lifted the injunction on Monday - however, the stars at the center of the case cannot be named as the man wants to take it to the Supreme Court.YMA and PJS were almost "outted" Monday, April 18. 2016 in court.  Judges say an injunction barring the media from naming a celebrity who is alleged to have engaged in "extramarital activities" can be lifted.I wonder which "man" is the main guy in charge of wanting to keep this injunction gag order in place?'Celebrity threesome' injunction should be lifted, say appeal judges.Judges lift ban on celebrity couple being named - … [Read more...]

Who is pjs ? Who is yma

Photos By Dominic Alves CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons I wonder where those initials came from? Were they just randomly assigned by the court? Apparently This Is The Celebrity In That Threesome Scandal Celebrity super injunction, paid super injunction abuse! … [Read more...]