Who is the famous actor family man, who had sex with Wayne Rooney’s prostitute?

Here we go again tweeted Helen Woods the hooker who tried to out the famous actor who hired her for sex and whom she used a sex toy on the behind with. This is not a new story. It hit the airwaves in 2011, but now it looks like a US publication is going to print his name. I however cannot find the article anywhere.  So who is NEJ & BDZ? THE UK media remains gagged due to a High Court injunction but the married star's identity is set to be revealed in America today... so far a big fat nothing. Celebrity superinjunction: British star to be exposed after hiring hooker NEJ & BDZ … [Read more...]

Celebrity Threesome Injunction PJS and YMA had a second steamy affair

Oh dear. Looks like more dirt is coming out now. Maybe this is why they got the injunction in the first place. To avoid digging. The thing is, I think if they would of not gotten the injunction to gag the media, this would of been a one and done story? What do you think? I am taking screen shots of Google UK today so I can compare what is going to happen once this injunction is lifted. The court meets tomorrow. I am not sure it will be decided in one day. It should be quite interesting.  They said it should be open for public debate. I am not sure what that means exactly for the court … [Read more...]

Who is pjs ? Who is yma

Photos By Dominic Alves CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons I wonder where those initials came from? Were they just randomly assigned by the court? Apparently This Is The Celebrity In That Threesome Scandal Celebrity super injunction, paid super injunction abuse! … [Read more...]

UK Blog, Political Blogger Names Famous Cheating Threesome Dad- Possible Jail

I am surprised it took this long for some kind of publication to go ahead and name the famous threesome Dad, and couple. David Furnish and Elton John. Elton John is like England's favorite son, he is even a knight, "Sir Elton Hercules John". Now we have a new mystery, who is the editor and what blog broke the court injunction and named this cheating husband, David Furnish, who committed infidelity in a threesome and then is said to have done it a few more times with some other men later? Once again it was like the same thing I found with the original story, I had a hard time finding quick … [Read more...]

Famous Dad from the threesome couple-Elton John’s partner husband David Furnish.

I read lots of UK papers and it has been so strange to see them gagged about this. If this story was not so well blocked and hard to find, I never would of written this post. I was getting fed up trying to figure out who this was about. Also the UK papers kept saying "everyone" in the US knew who it was, and that was just not true. It was not on any of the usual gossipy places or major news outlets. So digging I went so you don't have to. Apparently David Furnish had a threesome with some other couple. Kinda Sleazy really. Then he did it again a few months later with some other people. Oh … [Read more...]