JUDDD calorie calculator, Alternate Day Diet , Up Down Diet

JUDDD calorie calculator, Alternate Day Diet , Up Down Diet Calculator.  This tells you what calories you should have per day on UP and Down part of the diet. I use the JUDDD diet calculator, or also known as the "Alternate Day Diet" or "Up Down Diet" by Doctor James Johnson, MD. For some reason their website is not working very well at all these days. When I used to google "JUDDD Calculator" it would take me right there. Or he also calls it the "Up, Down Diet". Now it shows a broken website page and also once you finally find the website, (no easy task either), the calculator … [Read more...]

A “Dry” and Non boring version Cabbage Soup Diet

A "Dry" and Non boring version Cabbage Soup DietSick of eating cabbage soup?  I did something a little different. I used the same recipe but left all the ingredients dry. I used the juice from the canned tomatoes as a “dressing” on some bowls or I’d just use fresh tomatoes instead. I used red and green cabbage, celery, tomatoes, peppers, onions and carrots. Instead of cooking them; I bagged up two cupfuls into ziplock bags and used them as my “dry soup”. After eating a bowl of the “dry soup” I’d drink down 8 ounces of water or beef broth or chicken broth. I have to admit that I found … [Read more...]

TV shows that make you feel good.

Thanks to the Internet, I have been able to expand the TV shows I watch. If you can watch TV from around the world, you will find so many uplifting and great TV shows that make you feel good, put a smile on your face and very interesting. Many of my favorite shows seem to come from Australia. The show that first turned me on to Australia TV was MasterChef Australia. My son and I started watching it in season 5. We loved it. We came in when they were down to around 15 people.  I do not really care about the try outs and all the run up stuff. This year I did start earlier when the final 24 were … [Read more...]

Jay Z gets beat down by Beyonce sister- Solange

 Jay Z gets beat down by Beyonce sister, Solange or more like a kick down really.A few versions of this story going around. The one that makes the most sense from the photos is that Solange was telling to Jay Z to back off his "friendship" with the  designer Rachel Roy at the Met Gala, according to Hollywood Life. Rachel Roy used to be married to Damon Dash, Jay Z's former business partner. Dash took to Instagram to stick up for Solange, calling her a unique soul. "I am actually impressed with her independent spirit, she seems like a fighter," he said. Seems? Roy reportedly didn't … [Read more...]

Deepika Padukone | Beautiful Indian Actress

Deepika Padukone a true beauty from India.                  I love reading about famous people around the World. I decided to have a section devoted to famous celebrities from around the world. Often people in America do not have any knowledge of other countries and their celebrities. I watch TV shows from around the world and have always been interested in other cultures and their famous people and movie stars and models. It is fun to learn about them. So enjoy my international section! Deepika Padukone : born 5 January 1986) is … [Read more...]

How to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose Weight Fast What does Gisele-Bundchen-weight and her measurements?     Gisele Bundchen's height is 5ft 11in (180 cm). How much does Gisele Bundchen weigh? Gisele Bundchen weighs 126 lbs (57 kg). What are Gisele Bundchen's measurements? Measurements Summary Body Shape: Hourglass Body Type: Slim Bra Size: 32 C Bra Cup Size: C Height: 5 feet 11 inches Weight: 57 kg Body Measurement: 35-23-35 inches Hips Size: 35 inches Waist Size: 23 inches Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Light Brown Feet/ Shoe Size: 8.5 inches Obesity is the second … [Read more...]

Bristol Palin’s Baby Is Born

Levi and Bristol at the Republican convention in September. (Paul Sancya/AP)Bristol Palin gave birth to her much-anticipated baby son on Sunday, People.com reported this evening.The first grandchild of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, weighing in at seven pounds, four ounces.When it was announced shortly after Gov. Palin was named John McCain's running mate that her teenage daughter was expecting, it triggered national debates on teen pregnancy and marriage, abstinence education, the VP vetting process, the privacy of political families and, well, just … [Read more...]

New Year Weight Loss Resolutions, Tips to help you lose weight!

So what is your New Year Resolution? To lose weight and get the shape you desire fast and keep to your plans to achieve your desired weight goal successfully lose weight takes time, and you need to take the time to do it or you will become frustrated. Be patient. Most of us find ourselves facing each New Year with the same 10 pound resolution or whatever our personal number is. Fad diets have failed us, many have tried and lost weight using the larger weight loss programs, such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig or Nutri Systems. I have friends who are in FA, (Food Addicts Anonymous). On … [Read more...]

Holiday Cheer, Celebrities struggle with fat too!

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Chocolate Pirate Coins found to contain melamine

Pirate's Gold Premium Chocolate Coins candies were indeed removed from store shelves -- in Canada. "The Pirates Gold Coins were not distributed in the United States," Stephanie Kwisnek, spokeswoman for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, said in an e-mail response to questions from The Daily Journal. On Oct. 8, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, similar to the U.S. FDA, issued a warning about the candy, which is manufactured in China and distributed by Maryland-based Sherwood Brands. "Some of the source ingredients in the candy were from China," Marilyn Taylor of the food inspection … [Read more...]

What is melamine?

When I first heard about this melamine crisis I was a little confused since I was pretty sure melamine was the thing they made melmac plates out of. I used to collect and sell those on eBay many years ago.I looked into it further and and this article is a good one, though it has not been updated to reflect the current crisis.What exactly is melamine?Melamine is an organic compound that is often combined with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin, a synthetic polymer which is fire resistant and heat tolerant. Melamine resin is a very versatile material with a highly stable … [Read more...]

Update, higher toll then reported Chinese children ill from toxic milk formula

Local media reports differ from official tally last made on Sept. 21 Oct 08, 2008 10:20 AM Reuters News AgencyBEIJING-The toll of Chinese children ill from toxic milk formula may have nearly doubled since the Health Ministry's last public count, local media reports show, but an official said on Wednesday the number of new cases was falling.Beijing is struggling with fallout from adulteration of milk with the industrial chemical melamine. At home four babies have died, and thousands of infants fell sick, while around the world products made with Chinese milk have been recalled.The … [Read more...]

What exactly does Melamine do inside the body? What are the effects of Melamine?

What does melamine do in the body? A Cornell veterinarian told us last year that melamine is not considered to be "a very toxic compound," but can result in kidney stones and kidney failure especially in small animals. Investigators found crystals made up of melamine and its byproducts in the urine and kidneys of in the dogs and cats that were poisoned last year. Because it formed crystals in the body and was not fully dissolved in urine, the melamine gathered in the kidney, gunking up the organ and forming stones. The pets that died suffered acute kidney failure.This is what is happening … [Read more...]

Walking 10,000 steps a day to lose weight -Valerie Bertinelli

I just finished reading Valerie Valerie Bertinelli book "Losing it and gaining my life back one pound at a time." She talks about walking and my friends have all gone nuts with their fitbit gadgets now. I enjoyed it. She writes in a friendly conversational manner.The one thing that really stuck out for me was when she talked about her Jenny Craig Diet plan and how she had to walk 10,000 steps a day and use a Pedometer. I have been meaning to get one those and track how many steps on the treadmill I am walking. I just bought one from Amazon that has over 1800 reviews and 4 stars! That has to … [Read more...]

The Paleo Primal Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy

The Paleo Primal Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy .Being healthy and fit has gone mainstream--millions sweat the calories away on the roads or in health clubs and scrutinize labels and menus trying to do the right thing to control weight, delay aging, and feel healthy, fit, and energetic. And it's simply not working.Rates of obesity, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer continue to climb, and even the most committed fitness enthusiasts often carry 10 or 20 extra pounds of body fat.In this updated and expanded edition of the 2009 hardcover release from Mark Sisson, … [Read more...]

Lose weight using a treadmill workstation desk!

This is such a cool idea. Featured in the NYT health section. How to lose weight with a treadmill workstation desk. See how to build your own for cheap here.I Put In 5 Miles at the Office Chris Machian for The New York TimesWalking 9 to 5 Zandra Hooks, right, and Kirk Hurley can answer phones and do computer work (not to mention burn calories) on their Walkstations at Mutual of Omaha. By MANDY KATZ Published: September 16, 2008TERRI KRIVOSHA, a partner at a Minneapolis law firm, logs three miles each workday on a treadmill without leaving her desk. She finds it easier to … [Read more...]

Who is Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin is currently the governor or Alaska. Her name has been batted around for John McCains V.P choice.BREAKING NEWS MSNBC and NBC News updated 8:11 a.m. PT, Fri., Aug. 29, 2008 WASHINGTON - Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain has chosen Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, campaign officials told NBC News on Friday. She would be the first woman to serve on a Republican presidential ticket. The anti-abortion Palin would also be the first Alaskan ever to appear on a national ticket. Palin, 44, was elected Alaska's first woman governor in 2006. The state’s voters had … [Read more...]

Post Spice Skinny Diet?

Celebrity weight loss secrets: Posh’s favorite diet book, Victoria Beckham shunning “moron” foodNot that Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham needs to lose any weight, but she’s recently been spotted with the book Skinny Bitch, a guide to vegan eating with a sassy, Hollywood attitude. One critic says the book dispenses pretty common weight-loss advice: stop eating junk food, sugar, sweeteners, caffeine, dairy, refined carbs and alcohol. The book is apparently militantly anti-meat, calling people who try to lose weight while eating meat morons and referring to the Atkins Diet as the rotting meat … [Read more...]

Reviews and Information on Diet Books and Products

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