Celebrity Weight Loss-Before and After

They have to fight the fat just like us!

One way to feel inspired or depressed is to look at some celebrity success stories with weight. Of course there are a few failures too… it wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t include those… Have you ever tried a treadmill desk to help you lose weight? Click here to see how to make your own for practically nothing.

cate-blanchett-too-skinny and thin

Cate Blanchett

Matt Damon Fat and Skinny

Matt Damon

kevin federline fights the fat

Kevin Federline

Jenna Jameson Fat- too skinny thin

Jenna Jameson

Kelly Osborne-Skinny-Fat

Kelly Osborne

Jared Leno Fat and too skinny

Jared Leno

Courtney Love Fat Slobby Skinny Anorexic Drugs

Courtney Love

Courtney Cox, Super Thin-Normal healthy

Courtney Cox

Val Kilmer Hot and Fat and Not

Val Kilmer

Carnie Wilson Fat and Thin

Carnie Wilson

 Jimmy Kimmel Fat Jimmy Kimmel Thin after weight loss