Hillary Clinton Falls Down. Hillary’s Health

Many media sites and news reporters, if you can call them that, kept saying the right was making a big deal out of Hillary’s heath.
Even going so far as to call it a “consperisary”. 
After what happened this weekend, I do not think anyone can call it anything other than what it is.

She is sick and they all are lying about it. Over and over.

I think the best article I read so far is this one from The Week, “Why did Hillary Clinton Lie About her Health?“.


Video of Clinton’s hurried departure from the Ground Zero memorial showed her buckling and stumbling as she got into her van. Clinton’s campaign issued a statement from her doctor later Sunday revealing that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days earlier.

Campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said Clinton left the ceremony early and retreated to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment in the Gramercy neighborhood of Lower Manhattan.

Clinton was not seen for more than two hours, after which she emerged from Chelsea Clinton’s apartment building, walking normally, smiling and waving.

Hillary emerged an hour later from the apartment, waved stoically to the cameras, then hugged a small child who “somehow” escaped the attention of Secret Service. She got into another van, and sped away to Chappaqua, where she will spend the next few days outside the view of the cameras.

Why, for example, was Hillary Clinton running around in public transmitting pneumonia to people, including a small child? When did she go to the doctor on Friday, and why didn’t the press know about it? Why didn’t her campaign just say her pneumonia accounted for her coughing? Did it account for her coughing?

Read more here.

Do you think it is right that Hillary keeps lying about her health?
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