Hoarse throated soap opera starlet contestant gets back in MasterChef Australia 2nd chance

When Theresa Visintin was eliminated I was relieved. She has a strange nervous energy that I found jarring, and her deep hoarse voice was getting on my last nerve. 

Today when she cooked her way back into the show, I felt bummed out. I do not think she is a winning chef. She follows recipes. Her time management is bad. Her dish today was something she got from Reynold. She seems often befuddled and confused and with no good ideas for dishes. She has no skill on describing dishes either. First she said it was winter in Canada to the camera and when they asked her what the dish was, she was freaking like reading a shopping list. Not appealing. Then when they tried to help her out by asking her, why did you create this dish, she wiggled around and said, Oh yeah, giggle, I was thinking about my family and winter and oh yeah that is why I did this. Good heavens.  No cooking show for her please.  I think it is a fluke she got back in. I hope Reynolds is proud his dessert got her back in. They only mentioned that once, but it was said.

2nd change MasterChef Australia Season 8

They were kind to all the contestants and did not really call them out on mistakes.
Way too many desserts. Why did they all go that way? Very safe.

I felt sorry for the first guy who was eliminated, Ashley. They gave him no air time at all. 
I went through the video twice and I could not find one shot of him cooking, nor them tasting his dish.
Did he even cook? 

You can really see why people were eliminated in this cook. Miles is way too loose with things he makes.  ” I have never used this silver jelly before, hope it works out”.  He made me remember how often he says that. He is just too inattentive to details and time.

Zoe is the deer in the headline cook. I like her but she loses her cool and wings it too often.

David the golfer the dessert guy, is well, the dessert guy. That never goes all the way anyway.
He needs to work on his chocolate work, he does it too thick, yet again. That is what send him home last time.

Jimmy-they did not show what he was cooking at all. Nuff said.
His dessert looked better made than Davids, yet they made it all dramatic with David.

They hardly gave Nidhi any air time.  I was disappointed she cooked a dessert. Indian desserts are not what you eat Indian food for.
She should of done something amazing and savory. That is where she shines. 

Adam- Really lamb and veg? That was never going to get him back him.

Con- Yawn with the ice cream already dude. Good luck out there.

Emily- they did not show her at all either. What did she cook? Geez. You think they could of at least spared 10 seconds to show her and Ashley’s dishes.

Celia seems nice. I feel like the show is more into her backstory than anything else.
Her dish looked good.

Anyway I am quite sure Theresa will go in the next week or two. She is just not at the level of the ones left.
I am not sure what kind of advantage the power apron will give her, but it certainly benefited her today when Anastasia let her be the person to pick an extra ingredient.
My picks for those who will be leaving next are Theresa, Trent, and Brent and Elena. The way that list gets wonky is when all the others are on a team challenge and lose. 

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