Jay Z gets beat down by Beyonce sister- Solange


Elevator Beat down JayZ, Solange, Beyonce

Jay Z gets beat down by Beyonce sister- Solange

Jay Z gets beat down by Beyonce sister, Solange or more like a kick down really.

A few versions of this story going around. The one that makes the most sense from the photos is that Solange was telling to Jay Z to back off his “friendship” with the  designer Rachel Roy at the Met Gala, according to Hollywood Life. Rachel Roy used to be married to Damon Dash, Jay Z’s former business partner. Dash took to Instagram to stick up for Solange, calling her a unique soul. “I am actually impressed with her independent spirit, she seems like a fighter,” he said. Seems? Roy reportedly didn’t respond well when Knowles told her she was “too close” to Jay Z, a source close to the scene said. “Rachel is combative and a tough girl, she didn’t back down,” the source said Both Beyonce and Jay Z tried to intervene between Roy and Knowles at the Boom Boom room at The Standard hotel, and the three singers decided to leave. That’s when the beatdown was captured on a video camera in the elevator. That is the only version that makes sense to me based on the photos and the fact Beyonce was just standing there during the beat down. Also check out her approving look of love towards her sister as they exit the elevator. Come on, that is a look of love for her sis! When you watch the elevator video of Jay Z and Solange fighting, you can see she is really pissed off. She kicks him a few times and even when the bodyguard pulls her off, she keeps yelling and kicks him again! Now we just need the audio. That was some cra cra

Jay Z gets beat down by Beyonce sister- Solange

Guess how much TMZ paid for this video?

$250,000! The hotel worker was caught and fired. But hey I am sure he could get another job and that is some serious money honey!

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