Magic Leap Hololens Technology Video- This is so cool

What is a hololens or augmented reality?

This is pretty amazing. I guess it falls into a category called “augmented” reality. I just call it cool.
A new demo from the mysterious startup Magic Leap gives a glimpse into what your mornings could be like in a ‘mixed reality’ future. Shot through the view of the Magic Leap technology, the video shows how the headset can bring typically screen-based tasks to life before the user’s eyes.
I love the kids Mt Everest Project with old timey audio and everything.
But please stay for jellyfish floating in the room at the end.
I want jellyfish floating in my house. 

Last year, a 2014 patent filed by Magic Leap chief executive Rony Abovitz emerged to show how the headset could look and function.

The patent features a total of 180 pages and drawings detailing the look, functionality and uses for the device. In terms of design, the headset in the patent resembles skiing goggles, connected to a battery pack.
The headset connects to a network, which then connects to a so-called ‘passable world model.’
This model is created using a database of objects and ‘object recognisers’.

magic leap hololens technologyThe demo video posted to YouTube by the Florida-based startup is called ‘A New Morning.’ From a moving 3D model of Mt. Everest to jellyfish drifting through the air, the tech has promise to revolutionize computing – but no one really knows what it will look like yet

Sensors can also track the wearer’s location and position, to make sure images are overlaid on the real world as accurately as possible, with the correct depth and proportions.

Buttons on the visor could act like a ‘home screen’, to take wearers to menus, for example.

While other sensors could recognise finger commands such as focus, copy, select, back or cancel, and right clicks.

Magic Leap is expected to directly compete with the likes of Facebook’s Oculus Rift headset and Microsoft’s HoloLens.

 magic leap headset plans

Last January an extensive patent not only showed how the augmented reality headset could look and work, it also provides a number of example uses. Sensors can track the wearer’s location and position, to make sure images are overlaid on the real world as accurately as possible.
It looks like is not quite ready for prime time yet, but that looks pretty futurist and sci fi to me.

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