MasterChef Australia 8 Elimination Chart- Updated each week

Each week we will recap the week, the elimination challenges and who went to the pressure tests and who
is eliminated. This is sure to be an exciting season. Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan will all come back as judges. “MasterChef hands down is the most influential cooking show in the world,” Calombaris claimed in one of the trailers Network Ten shared on Twitter.
This season which will feature celebrity guests Nigella Lawson, Heston Blumenthal, and Marco Pierre White
Be sure to come back and visit us for updates on MasterChef Australia Series/Season 8.

June 14th Chart Mid Week

Adam Mizzi30SAAdventure company ownerEliminated May 12
Anastasia Zolotarev26NSWMarketing coordinatorJune 20, 2016
Brett Carter43WAAirline captainCompeting
Cecilia Vuong31VICTeacherJune 2, 2016
Charlie Sartori24VICProfessional golferJune 6, 2016
Chloe Bowles24QLDNannyCompeting
Con Vailas31VICRestaurant supervisorMay 27, 2016
Elena Duggan32NSWTeacherCompeting
Elise Franciskovic28QLDPharmacy technicianCompeting
Harry Foster21QLDCocktail bartenderCompeting
Heather Day32SASales managerJune 20. 2016
Jimmy Wong49NSWSustainability specialistMay 23
Karmen Lu24WAWaitressJune 23, 2016
Matt Sinclair27QLDCoffee roasterCompeting
Miles Pritchett46QLDPark rangerJune 9, 2016
Mimi Baines26VICProduct managerCompeting
Nathaniel Milevskiy29QLDParamedic studentEliminated May 9th
Nicolette Stathopoulos19VICStudentCompeting
Nidhi Mahajan30SACall centre workerEliminated May 19
Olivia Robinson26NSWRestaurant managerEliminated May 17
Theresa Visintin44NSWStay-at-home Mum

May 30, 2016
back june 14. 
Eliminated again

Trent Harvey29NSWElectricianCompeting
Zoe Konikkos31VICSales managerJune 13, 2016
Ashley McConnell29WASoftware salesEliminated May 5

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