MasterChef Australia Season 8 Episode 11 Recap | Invention Test

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Anastasia gets to choose the ingredient. We have Peanut Butter, Marmalade and Vegemite.
The boys reckon the Vegemite may be a stumper. Which I find odd, since I thought Vegemite was an Australasian thing.

MasterChef Australia Vegemite
Vegemite is a dark brown Australian food paste made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives developed by Cyril P. Callister in Melbourne, Victoria, in 1922.

A spread for sandwiches, toast, crumpets and cracker biscuits as well as a filling for pastries, Vegemite is similar to British, New Zealand and South African Marmite, Australian Promite,MightyMite, OzEmite and D Swiss Cenovis. With the brand now owned by American company Mondel?z International, other Australian-owned spreads have entered the market to provide an alternative, such as the yeast-based AussieMite.

Vegemite is salty, slightly bitter, malty, and rich in umami – similar to beef bouillon.

It does not matter anyway since she picks the most sure fire easy one to cook with which is the marmalade.
The other cooks all are pretty happy about this choice. This cook matters. The bottom three will cook tomorrow in the elimination challenge.
Of course on this show often the one that seems the most simple can trip people up, so we will see.
I feel like these first few weeks of the show have been dessert heavy.
Miles is going for Quail again.. he knows how long that deboning takes. Interesting.
When he serves it, it is all the same color and does not look very appetizing. They like the food though, so I am sure 
he will not be on the bottom.
Chloes dish sounds like it could fail. She does not like marmalade and her dish sounds kinda weird.
Then low and behold she blitzes her rice in the blender and it turns to glue.
Some time passes and more things are going wrong for Chloe.
Anastasia wants to break the curse of winning the advantage and then losing with the ingredient the winner picks.
Con starts talking about negative space on his plating. There is just something about him annoying.
Matt Sinclair seems to be a natural chef. He seems to come up with clever ideas for his dishes and then makes them with confidence.
I would say he is one to watch. He has a good chance to make it far. His dish looks great when he plates it up. 
They try his first and they love it.
Karmen ends up with no custard and a plate of crumbs. She is quite upset. She did well in the first challenge and now it looks like she will in the elimination for sure. She feels a bit alone too. Must be hard to do this show and be super quiet and shy.
I feel bad for her. Also I just realized who she reminds me of, Angela from Bones! Sister from another Mister

Karmen Lu MasterChefAngela from Bones

Anastasia breaks the curse! lol She seems sweet. She made quail too. Her quail looks 100% better than Miles. It looks fresh and with beautiful colors and pops off the plate. Nice. It tastes as good as it looks! Bring up the happy music, Matt cracks me up.
@masterchefau Matt tells Anastasia, in the immortal words of Patti LaBelle, Hey sista, go sista!

Listen to short clip “Go Sister”.

Anastasia-Nicholette-Con Win Episode 11 MasterChef

Anastasia-Nicholette-Con Win Episode 11 MasterChef

The top three for this challenge are:

They will compete for the immunity pin later this week.

Anastasia-Nicholette-Con Win Episode 11

Anastasia-Nicholette-Con Win Episode 11

Karmen, Chole, Olivia Bottom Three Episode 11 MasterChef Au

Karmen, Chole, Olivia Bottom Three Episode 11

The bottom three going to elimination tomorrow are:

Pressure Test Time…

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