MasterChef Australia Season 8 starts May 1, 2016

Masterchef Austalia Season 8 Starts May 1 2016I love MasterChef Australia. 
MasterChef Australia Season 8 is almost here and I am so excited!
No show can top MasterChef Australia in my book. It is not just one my favorite cooking shows, it is one of my favorite shows period.
My top 4 reality talent genre TV shows are:

  1. MasterChef Australia
  2. Amazing Race USA  ( I watch Canada and any other country that runs an Amazing Race and they all are great fun to watch).
  3. Top Chef
  4. Project Runway

My page with recaps for season 6 is still my most visited page on this site over the last two years.  
The problem I found with watching some shows from Australia is there is no place to go and talk about them online, other then their official Facebook pages. Which do not cut it for me. I like to read reviews, and then comment and read what other people say and think.  I am not sure why there are no active TV review sites or blogs in Australia that cater to that, like AV Club here.

Maybe there is not enough population for them to cover it.  I know a hit show here in America is considered to have over 8 million viewers or more, with shows like Big Bang Theory having around 20-24 million viewer. American Football regularly pulls in over 22 million views up to 42 million for the Superbowl. In Australia a show like MasterChef Australia is considered the top rated show when it gets between 800k and 1 million viewers. The new show 800 Words was considered a smash with 600-800 thousand viewers. Which by the way  I love that show!

As the owner of a small site like this, I do not care about those numbers. For me 2000-5000 visitors a day is awesome.

 United StatesAustralia
Population318,892,103 (July 2014 est.)22,507,617 (July 2014 est.)

I have added the Disqus commenting system on the site to encourage more conversations about the show this season. I hope you will join me and use the system. If you would like to be a guest recapper or reviewer please contact me. There are soooo many episodes and it is hard to write reviews for each one.

Official Places for MasterChef Australia Season 8


Ten TV


Come back and start participating on the site once the show starts!

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