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Thanks to the Internet, I have been able to expand the TV shows I watch. If you can watch TV from around the world, you will find so many uplifting and great TV shows that make you feel good, put a smile on your face and very interesting. Many of my favorite shows seem to come from Australia. The show that first turned me on to Australia TV was MasterChef Australia. My son and I started watching it in season 5. We loved it. We came in when they were down to around 15 people.  I do not really care about the try outs and all the run up stuff. This year I did start earlier when the final 24 were picked, and the actual cooking began. masterchef au judges MasterChef Australia Season 6 Also we skip the Master classes.  I love the sheer amount of episodes it has. Crazy amount! I noticed people in Australia complained about the emotional stories and drama they had. It was not that much to me in Season 5. I guess some other seasons had some mean people and ugliness. Luckily for us, we never have seen that side. MasterChef Australia Season 6 is shaping up to be even better so far! After we discovered MasterChef Australia we watched the US version, the UK version, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. None of them even come close to MasterChef Australia. I was the most disappointed in the US version. The chefs are so mean. I really do not like Joe Bastianich. He is a right jerk all the way. I hate people like him. He is unnecessarily rude and mean. You can tell people their food is not right or good without humiliating them and throwing their plate on the ground. What a jerk. He is so full of himself too. He used to a mean fat man and now he is a mean skinny guy. I was surprised at Gordon Ramsey, he is encouraging and helpful. Graham Elliot is okay. At least he isn’t outright rude and mean most of the time. There is a very supportive and loving spirit on MasterChef Australia. I give the credit to the chefs who are the judges. I like all 3 of them. Very much. Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston really do a wonderful job. I feel the three of them are a great balance. I enjoy watching them encourage and teach the contestants. They warn them when they see them going off course, they wish them the best when they try new things, and they are never mean when they criticize the food. They tell the truth in a kind way. If only the world was like this. Reality TV is mostly very mean and rude. One of the reasons I hate it and do not watch most reality TV shows. river cottage austrailiaAnother thing I have found with the Australian shows is they have amazing soundtracks! I have found so much good music watching Aussie shows. I love Paul West on River Cottage. It is so cheerful and gosh how beautiful is the scenery. Sunny, Rain, fog , no matter what I love to watch that show. Another show I love is Offspring, and they feature a ton of great music. Also great shows with good music are Winners & Losers, and The Times of Our Lives. While I am listing shows I have loved from Australia, I love Upper Middle Bogan. Another feel good and very funny comedy. Even though I have often never heard most of the slang words and had no idea what Bogan meant. Good comedy transcends that since you can understand the concept no matter where you live. I have a recap page following MasterChef Au, Season 6 here.

River Cottage just started their 4th season! I love that show. It makes me hungry though when I watch it.
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    I am South African. I have never been to Australia, nor do I know any Australians personally. I have had no contact with Masterchef people. MC is abbreviation for Masterchef. I must say though: I love MC Australia. And sorry to say this, but I despise…

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