MasterChef Week 8 The Relay Test

Theresa Visintin loses for team

I am not a fan of Theresa Visintin and I do not think she should of been brought back. She proved that today when she was befuddled and wasted 10 minutes of her 15 minutes on the relay challenge and basically had no idea what to do. That is exactly how I see her as a cook. Unless she has a recipe or already cooked it when she was off the show, forget it. She is not in the rest of these people’s league at all.

So with that horrible start and no vision, (seriously WHY did they pick her as the first person?), they are all going to elimination. You could see that coming a mile away. She got them there, so I hope she goes home tomorrow.

Then Harry has a great idea for a Trifle and Brett came in and decided to change it to a tart! Dudes- bad idea.
Luckily the lemon curd Harry made and the creativity of the girls and good plating saved them in spite of airline pilots bad choice.

john And His White Chocolate Bullshit veloute

Elena Duggan- I suspected she might be a dark horse, based on all the lingering camerea shots on her all season.
She cooks an amazing dish and wins the advantage, and boy did she pick a great team. I call Matt as the top three for sure at this point.
He set the pace and left them all a clear vision and I really liked that team and how they worked together. It was pretty cool to watch.
They won and will get a shot at that immunity pin.

Elena Duggan and the winning team week 8

Congratulations Guys, awesome day for you!

Immunity Pin Challenge.

Seriously? Matt should of won today. His dish was so much prettier. I am not happy.
Also why are they letting Theresa comment so much? This is bugging me so much.
She needs to go home ASAP. I guess she does not even live in Australia, she lives in Canada!
How did she even get on this show? Her brother lives in Singapore. I think they should only allow people currently living in Australia.
That seems unfair to me.


I am now going to watch MasterChef, week 8 Elimination Challenge. If Matt goes home, I am going to be furious.

Review MasterChef Week 8, Final Elimination for the Week.

Matt Sinclair Masterchef Australia 8

Matt is beating himself for the team losing. I am not quite sure what happened with them coming up short in desserts yesterday, but it was not Matt’s fault. I like Karmen, but she should of counted the portions out. Matt is such a good guy, that of course he is going to take responsibility.

Omg, Elise has been in 7 eliminations? Shish. How many have their been? So she has been in half of them. Sometimes that gives a person an advantage because they get nerves of steel and they cook more than everyone else. Remember Georgia Barnes? She was in a whole lot of elimination challenges and you could see her grow more steady over the course of the show. But honestly she seems like the most likely to go next. If they did not show that stupid promo yesterday, with those shocked faces, I would not be worried it is Matt.

I like all of the people cooking today, but Matt is the only one, who should NOT be going home today. He is a cut above everyone else. It is so obvious in everything he has done.

They all looked like they had a good cook. Karmen is so sweet. I really like her. Ah, she cried at the end of her cook. She was so relived.
I feel like they have way too many people cooking desserts this year.

Karmen MasterChef Season 8


Trent- looks good. Very hearty looking. Creative. 
Cue the low key happy music! Eyebrows raised and smiles. They like it.

Karmen- She turned vegetables into dessert. Hmmm. 
She is always so low key and sweet. We learn her Dad is a cook and he is not passionate about it.
Her parents are not wanting her to go into that field. It is backbreaking work.
Cue the dramatic music- oh no, they said Karmen may have a problem…. maybe Matt is not going home after all.
Seems she missed the mark a little.

Matt- He is proud of his dish.  Yum that looks great. Pretty tortellini. He is king of flavorsome sauces. ( I had never heard the word “flavorsome” until yesterdays show. I did not even know that was a word. 
Cue the mystery music…whew, happy music… omg Matt is not going home today!! I am so happy.
Total misdirection yesterday on the promo. MasterChef you dog.

Elise-Her dessert is pretty. George says it reminds him of fruit loops and it is confused.
But cue the winning happy music. They like it. No one goes home after that music. She is safe.

Mimi-Ugh more beetroot! When are we gonna stop with the beetroot? I feel like Season 8 has been the season of beetroot.
Not sure how this will go.
Happy faces, happy music. They love it. They seem to love all things beetroot this season. She is safe.

Oh this is sad. Karmen is out. The rest of them did very well.
They say Karmen and Elise, but the liked Elise’s dish.

We will miss you Karmen. Stick with your dream. You are such a nice person, quiet and determined.
I hope some of those same chefs who helped Theresa get back in, help you find a new career in pastry.

MasterChef Au Week 8 The Relay Test and Eliminations


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