MasterChef Australia Season 8 starts May 1, 2016

I love MasterChef Australia.  MasterChef Australia Season 8 is almost here and I am so excited! No show can top MasterChef Australia in my book. It is not just one my favorite cooking shows, it is one of my favorite shows period. My top 4 reality talent genre TV shows are:MasterChef AustraliaAmazing Race USA  ( I watch Canada and any other country that runs an Amazing Race and they all are great fun to watch).Top ChefProject RunwayMy page with recaps for season 6 is still my most visited page on this site over the last two years.   The problem I found with watching some shows from Australia is … [Read more...]

Prince and Zooey Deschanel Singing Together on New Girl Video

Remembering happy times. Prince singing with Zooey Deschanel on New Girl. This was such a fun episode. It was upbeat and it looked like the cast was having a blast.  Prince and Zooey Deschanel Singing "Fall In Love Tonight " together on New Girl videoA few thoughts from when he was on the show. Zooey Deschanel wouldn't call Prince her "bud" — how any mere mortal gets to that level with the Purple One is beyond us – but the New Girl star spoke about her budding artistic relationship with the beloved musician in a new interview with The Associated Press. "He is incredibly nice and so … [Read more...]

Chyna WWE Star Dies of possible overdose, age 45

TMZ reports that she was found at her Californian home at 7:30pm local time (3:30am BST) and that police officers on the scene are "investigating a possible overdose... due mainly to her history with drugs". Chyna was a big star in World Wrestling Entertainment (then WWF) during the late 90s boom period known as the Attitude Era. Billed as the Ninth Wonder of the World (because Andre the Giant had been billed as the eighth), Chyna is best remembered as a founding member of the D-Generation X stable alongside Shawn Michaels and Triple H, whom she dated between 1996 and 2000. She was the first … [Read more...]

Prince found dead. Age 57 Drug Overdose Confirmed

RIP Purple Prince. Suspected drug overdose is thought to be the cause of death. Popstar and artist formerly known as Prince was found dead in an elevator at the Paisley Park studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota. They responded to a medical call and found the singer unresponsive in an elevator, Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson said. UPDATE 4-23-16Prince's former drug dealer, who asked to be named only as Doctor D, revealed the full extent of the late-star's secret drug addiction Doctor D revealed the singer would spend up to $40,000 a time on six-month supplies of Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl … [Read more...]

Celebrity Injunction Couple “Celebrity Threesome” Injunction remain

Supreme Court judges decide if entertainer name from "Celebrity Threesome Injunction" should finally be revealed and the answer is NO. This has been quite the legal ride, don't you think? Today the court decided to keep the injunction in place until a later time. That later time could last over a year! I would have to say it looks like David Furnish and Elton John won this one. This will languish in the court of appeals. The court seems like they want to see the back of it as well.Injunction to remain until justices return with a judgement“We will take time to consider this matter and we will … [Read more...]

Why does Hillary Clinton cough? What causes her coughing fits?

She has been having serious coughing fits now for quite some time.  This past weekend,  Labor Day, 2016, she had two very serious coughing fits, one lasted 4 minutes!She is not well. Read more about her health here. serious coughing fit on her plane with the few chosen people from the press she decided to let ride her with her this … [Read more...]

Celebrity Famous Dad threesome injunction drags on in the courts

The celebrity at the centre of the extra-marital threesome gagging row has won a stay of execution as Britain's most senior appeal court temporarily extended their reporting injunction to keep their identities secret. The Supreme Court confirmed it has received papers from the famous name who suffered defeat at the Court of Appeal on Monday. An interim reporting ban - due to expire on Wednesday - was extended by 24 hours so the claimant can argue his case for another appeal at a hearing before Supreme Court justices on Thursday. A decision whether to grant, or refuse, permission to appeal … [Read more...]

Magic Leap Hololens Technology Video- This is so cool

What is a hololens or augmented reality? This is pretty amazing. I guess it falls into a category called "augmented" reality. I just call it cool. A new demo from the mysterious startup Magic Leap gives a glimpse into what your mornings could be like in a ‘mixed reality’ future. Shot through the view of the Magic Leap technology, the video shows how the headset can bring typically screen-based tasks to life before the user’s eyes. I love the kids Mt Everest Project with old timey audio and everything. But please stay for jellyfish floating in the room at the end. I want jellyfish floating … [Read more...]

Celebrity Famous Threesome Couple PJS and YMA Named

Three Court of Appeal judges lifted the injunction on Monday - however, the stars at the center of the case cannot be named as the man wants to take it to the Supreme Court.YMA and PJS were almost "outted" Monday, April 18. 2016 in court.  Judges say an injunction barring the media from naming a celebrity who is alleged to have engaged in "extramarital activities" can be lifted.I wonder which "man" is the main guy in charge of wanting to keep this injunction gag order in place?'Celebrity threesome' injunction should be lifted, say appeal judges.Judges lift ban on celebrity couple being named - … [Read more...]

Celebrity Threesome Injunction PJS and YMA had a second steamy affair

Oh dear. Looks like more dirt is coming out now. Maybe this is why they got the injunction in the first place. To avoid digging. The thing is, I think if they would of not gotten the injunction to gag the media, this would of been a one and done story? What do you think? I am taking screen shots of Google UK today so I can compare what is going to happen once this injunction is lifted. The court meets tomorrow. I am not sure it will be decided in one day. It should be quite interesting.  They said it should be open for public debate. I am not sure what that means exactly for the court … [Read more...]

Grandma Freaks Out in driverless Tesla. You will laugh

Watch this 70 year old Grandma freaking out driving an autopiloted Tesla for the first time. You cannot help but laugh. I would be exactly the same as her. It is not natural to sit there and watch the car drive itself! Seriously I think self driving cars are going to be a problem someday. I know all the car companies are so excited for this, but in reality there is a lot of things that can go very wrong with this idea.  They already did a great episode of "The Good Wife" in an episode named "Driven: addressing just one thing that could easily happen.  The car crashes into another car, and … [Read more...]

PJS and YMA Court Delays Decision Threesome Injunction

I am betting that Elton John and David Furnish are wishing right now that they never got this superinjunction.What do you think?What would of been a one day story has now turned into a cause for free speech and the media.The court delayed a ruling today so they can make this a public hearing! Egads. It is going to be a blow up for sure.Famous Celebrity Couple Injunction PJS and YMA Celebrity 'threesome' injunction: Judges delay new ruling on 'PJS' gagging order.“We have come to the conclusion that the hearing should be heard in open court because there are issues to be debated which are in the … [Read more...]

Celebrity Threesome Love Cheat trying to gag Google

What famous celebrity couple, with a #superinjunction is trying to gag google now?Allegedly they hired a security firm to get google to remove links online naming them.The cheating celebrity couple, well actually only one of them cheated, at least in this story, so I feel bad that both names keep getting tossed around.The identities of the couple have also remained under wraps in England and Wales where the Court of Appeal has granted an injunction banning the press from printing the names of the couple.The English and Welsh media can only report that the man, named by the initials PJS (not … [Read more...]

Who is pjs ? Who is yma

Photos By Dominic Alves CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons I wonder where those initials came from? Were they just randomly assigned by the court? Apparently This Is The Celebrity In That Threesome Scandal Celebrity super injunction, paid super injunction abuse! … [Read more...]

Snowboarder being chased by a huge bear- Oblivious while filming herself

Do you think this is real? That bear, the noises it was making and it quit once she got going faster. Can you imagine looking at your footage later and seeing that? Dang that is some straight up scary stuff. I believed it the first time I saw it and then I did a little research. Whoops. Hey Kelly Murphy you fooled me with your fake snowboarding video of a bear growling and chasing you! Good breakdown on why this is fake on snopes.A snowboarder has shared a video which she says shows a bear chasing after her.Kelly Murphy said she was completely oblivious to the predator in hot pursuit after her … [Read more...]

UK Blog, Political Blogger Names Famous Cheating Threesome Dad- Possible Jail

I am surprised it took this long for some kind of publication to go ahead and name the famous threesome Dad, and couple. David Furnish and Elton John. Elton John is like England's favorite son, he is even a knight, "Sir Elton Hercules John". Now we have a new mystery, who is the editor and what blog broke the court injunction and named this cheating husband, David Furnish, who committed infidelity in a threesome and then is said to have done it a few more times with some other men later? Once again it was like the same thing I found with the original story, I had a hard time finding quick … [Read more...]

Famous Dad from the threesome couple-Elton John’s partner husband David Furnish.

I read lots of UK papers and it has been so strange to see them gagged about this. If this story was not so well blocked and hard to find, I never would of written this post. I was getting fed up trying to figure out who this was about. Also the UK papers kept saying "everyone" in the US knew who it was, and that was just not true. It was not on any of the usual gossipy places or major news outlets. So digging I went so you don't have to. Apparently David Furnish had a threesome with some other couple. Kinda Sleazy really. Then he did it again a few months later with some other people. Oh … [Read more...]

A “Dry” and Non boring version Cabbage Soup Diet

A "Dry" and Non boring version Cabbage Soup DietSick of eating cabbage soup?  I did something a little different. I used the same recipe but left all the ingredients dry. I used the juice from the canned tomatoes as a “dressing” on some bowls or I’d just use fresh tomatoes instead. I used red and green cabbage, celery, tomatoes, peppers, onions and carrots. Instead of cooking them; I bagged up two cupfuls into ziplock bags and used them as my “dry soup”. After eating a bowl of the “dry soup” I’d drink down 8 ounces of water or beef broth or chicken broth. I have to admit that I found … [Read more...]

TV shows that make you feel good.

Thanks to the Internet, I have been able to expand the TV shows I watch. If you can watch TV from around the world, you will find so many uplifting and great TV shows that make you feel good, put a smile on your face and very interesting. Many of my favorite shows seem to come from Australia. The show that first turned me on to Australia TV was MasterChef Australia. My son and I started watching it in season 5. We loved it. We came in when they were down to around 15 people.  I do not really care about the try outs and all the run up stuff. This year I did start earlier when the final 24 were … [Read more...]

Jay Z gets beat down by Beyonce sister- Solange

 Jay Z gets beat down by Beyonce sister, Solange or more like a kick down really.A few versions of this story going around. The one that makes the most sense from the photos is that Solange was telling to Jay Z to back off his "friendship" with the  designer Rachel Roy at the Met Gala, according to Hollywood Life. Rachel Roy used to be married to Damon Dash, Jay Z's former business partner. Dash took to Instagram to stick up for Solange, calling her a unique soul. "I am actually impressed with her independent spirit, she seems like a fighter," he said. Seems? Roy reportedly didn't … [Read more...]